Free Logo Software-What Are the Limitations?

Free Logo Software-What Are the Limitations?

The logo of a company is the face of that company. The emblem uses images, graphics and flag to represent what the company offers or the brand of a product. The main reason of using a logo is to aid in recognizing the company or the product. For the logo to perform this core function, it must be versatile, memorable and unique. There various disadvantages and limitations of free logo download found online. This article highlights and explains six main problems of such software.

a) There Aren’t Unique

Compared to expert logo designers who strive to create company uniqueness in the designing of the logo, the free software doesn’t have any uniqueness features and somehow logos look like even though they may contain different words and colors. This one limitation that you can do nothing about, but some logo maker tools are updated regularly, so you should always try to use the latest graphics or colors.

b) Lacks Designing Element

As the designer does not possess expert is not a skilful designer, the logo requires expert and professional touch. However, you can contact their customer  service for further assistance if you find your logo needs more designing element.

c) There Is Lack of Originality

The logo created through such software lacks creativity as they are imitations of original versions. While this is true, who doesn’t borrow ideas? Even the most seasoned logo designers always research and check other people’s logos to get some inspiration.

d) Resemblance with Other Logos

The logo can be confused with the logos of other companies as they resemble each other. This is one thing that you should avoid altogether. While the free logo download may come with the same templates, you can always find a way to twist your logo and make it different from others made with the same tool.

  1. e) Copyright Issues

When a designer uses free logo maker, there are issues of copyright rights that can attract litigation by the original designers. This, however, only happens if you choose to copy other people’s logos. The free software system will never generate an emblem automatically; it’s your input that determines the results.

f) Using Logo Design Programs Restricts Your Creativity

These free software programs stifle ones’ creativity, and a designer ends up imitating the original design saves for little changes.

g) The Output of Logo Design Software Is Of Poor Quality

The lines, the colours and the effects are of poor quality. Choose the free logo download to use carefully; some come with lousy quality features. But, it is possible to find a logo maker that will give you an emblem that resembles a designer made one.


The free logo download templates found online support logo creation are very helpful, and limitations stated above are enough reasons not use them. Find your way around the challenges and come up with logo.


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