4 of the Best Online Logo Makers and Generators

4 of the Best Online Logo Makers and Generators

A logo is a visual representation to your brand and is normally the face of your company or brand. Logos can be used to promote your business both online and offline. Good logos have one or two colours, are simple enough to be recognized and use stylized type. Though some people may choose to use more colors in their logo, the fewer the colours the better. A number of logos are simply black and white, but taking the market by storm because it all lies in the design and creativity of the designer. There are various online logo maker generator tools and they include the following.

a. Logojoy

It makes logo making process easier by asking you questions. The logo is then designed and generated according to the answers you provide to the questions. If you sincerely do not like any of the suggestions you can request for more logos to choose from. Once you have selected a logo, keep designing it till it produces what you require. Logojoy is one of the easiest logo makers and if you follow the instructions carefully, it will bring joy in your business.

b. Logo Maker by Ucraft

This is a free app for those who want to tap to their hidden talent skills. You create a logo with different colours, fonts and icons. Then you export your new logo into PNG. You result is to get PNG high resolution file that use can use accordingly. This app is totally free.

c. Logo Creator

This is one of the top logo generators you can find online. The amount of customization done on their online creator is amazing. It is like using a professional image editing tool on the computer. They have the ability to categorize logos in various types. You can also employ someone that’s highly skilled from their team to create the logo you want if you’re not satisfied with your creation.

d. Logoshi

This logo maker generator also allows your input. The best thing about it is that if you’re not satisfied with the logos generated you can create your own design. It comes with excellent tools that you will find easy and interesting to use.


Making a logo has never been so easy and fun with so many tools and templates online to assist you make your business’s logo without spending a dime. Enterprises struggling with constrained income need not use a penny to create the logo. Just use the above platforms and design your logo.


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